Meet Fran

I started Blondies and Brownies about 5 years ago when I got engaged! I have always loved to bake and experiment with different ingredients, but when I had a wedding to plan I decided to step up to the challenge.  I decided I was going to make all the cupcakes for my own wedding! So, 350 cupcakes with 4 different flavors and a grooms cake later, I had completed the challenge! It was a blast and with the help of my mom we were able to complete the order.  After the wedding I had numerous people asking me to help with their own special occasions and pretty soon I was able to have a decent business going.

This is when Blondies and Brownies was born.  My mom and I created the name because of our love for brownies and blondies dessert but played on the words since she is a blonde and I have brown hair!  I have been baking ever since for baby showers, weddings, birthdays and various other special occasions.  Now that I am a mom I wanted to have the opportunity to stay home one day and what better way than to bake the days away while watching my little girl grow.  I pour love into everything I make and hope that you find your sweet tooth’s desire.