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Who knew that being a mom would be so tricky?  Well I didn’t, thanks a lot mom for letting me know that ahead of time!  Not that it would have changed my mind! I am in love with my little girl and I LOVE more than anything being a mom to her.  It’s the little things like when she smiles that makes all the sleepless nights, constant stink of puke and poop that radiates from me all day and the fact that I am lucky to get my hair washed once a week all worth it.  I know that this is a mutual feeling for most moms!

So, I am calling bluff on all those moms that have it together! SERIOUSLY, stop making the rest of us look bad.  If you are able to put lipstick on you are nailing it way to well, I’m lucky to brush my teeth!  Really I went to work the other day, thought I had it together because I had showered and put earrings in and I started to smell something foul.  Well what do you know it was me. Let me ask you a question, what smells worse than rotten milk? Oh I know…. rotten breast milk.  #storyofmylife, when I see these moms that have it all together, yeah you know who you are, it makes me a little depressed.  What in the world am I doing wrong, is it the fact that my child won’t let me put her down, or the fact I won’t put her down.  That is still to be determined.  Either way I want to be one of those moms that is able to go to the gym for a couple hours a day, wash my hair, put on normal clothes, by that I mean not be in my pj’s until 2 pm! 

Just yesterday while working from home I noticed that I was still in my pj’s at 2 pm, I was just hanging out waiting for my daily ritual with my daughter that consists of watching Ellen then Dr. Phil.  I had a freak out moment because I knew my hubby would be home by 4 pm and I didn’t want to be sitting there eating cookies in my pj’s.  So what did I do, got myself up cleaned the kitchen, swept, dusted and put normal clothes on! 

Why do moms feel this pressure to look good, have a clean house and be able to take care of an infant all with seamless effort?  I know that my hubby didn’t set those standards, I’m pretty sure he could care less if I moved from the couch after watching what I went through to get that child here, he thinks I deserve a metal or a key to the city or something.  I am pretty much off the hook from everything to him after he witnessed our daughter being born naturally.  Yes I said naturally, like with no EPIDURAL! It sounded like a good idea when I thought of it before I was pregnant! Well, let me tell you… after my girlfriend had a baby right after me and she told me she couldn’t feel anything I was like, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING!!!!!  Anyway, the pressure that society puts on moms is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  So, I’m calling bluff on the whole thing! If you have had a child, you deserve to lounge in your pj’s, eat cookies and watch as much Dr. Phil as much as you want and no one can say anything!